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    Liaoning Qiaopai Biotech Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013.Basing on the leading advantage on dehulling technology, patented machineries, self-designed & manufactured by Liaoning Qiaopai Machineries Co., Ltd., Qiaopai Biotech dedicates itself to the processing and exportation of raw materials of hemp food, mainly fine-selected hemp seed, hulled hemp seed, hemp hearts oil, hemp hearts protein powder, hemp protein isolate, and hemp peptide etc. At present, Qiaopai Biotech has already become the main manufacturer and supplier of global hemp food ingredients.
     Hemp, also called Cannabis sativa, China-hemp, and also defined as Cannabis by the scholars, originated from China and India, it’s a tough and cold-resistant annual herb plants. Hemp can be used in medicine research and food production.
    Its fruit is usually called “hemp seed” in Chinese medicine”.
    Its functions and indications is to relieve constipation due to dry feces, it will benefit you on nourishing, dredging or cleansing the blood vessels, best functions on detumescence, and easy digestion if you take it regularly with long period of time.
  • Hulled Hemp Seed

    Rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acid, dietary fiber, vitamins, inerals,micromolecular polyphenols, alkaloids and phytosterols. Non-GMO.

    Based on advanced de-hulling technology and configured with complete set production line of Qiaopai Machineries Company.

    Strictly abide by HACCP and BRC system.

    Unique 15 steps of scientific, deliberate and safe processing operations.

    Cooling and packaging workshops are 100,000-level air purification workshops.

  • Hemp Hearts Oil
    Unsaturated fatty acid is up to 90%. Linoleic acid (Omega6) and linolenic acid (Omega3) approach to a golden ratio of 4:1. No cholesterol.
    Products based on hulled hemp seed as its raw ingredient are safer and healthier.
    Low-temperature physical oil pressing minimize the nutrition damage.
    Low-temperature filtration. Low-temperature storage. No refining.
    No chemicals added.
  • Hemp Protein Power

    Hemp protein consists of 2/3 edestin and 1/3 albumin. It is easy to absorb and rich in variety of amino acids, including 8 kinds of human essential amino acid and high content of arginine. No soy allergens, lactose and gluten.

    Hulled hemp seed is defatted at low temperature.

    Superfine micro-grinded high-quality crude hemp protein.

    High-purity hemp protein is achieved after supercritical extraction.

    The high-value hemp active peptide is extracted by compound enzymatic hydrolysis.

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